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Flower Tucci
Ann Marie

Do you like it wet? Soaking wet? Flower Tucci does, she is one of the most notorious squirters in the Biz. So we sat down and bathed in her extensive knowledge on that subject.

Flower... on what started her on the path to debauchery...

What made you take up this line of work?
I was a fan. I never watched any porno until I was 21. I saw actual female ejaculation on Playboy TV, it was Alicia Klass and Kim Chambers, and it sparked my interest. I had never seen anything like that before in my life and I wanted to experience that type of orgasm.

So you were inspired by porn to do porn?

That’s Beautiful. What Happened after that?

I actually went into an agency and requested a movie on female ejaculation and they told me Seymore Butts had a couple of movies, "Squirters 1" and "Female Ejaculation Review." And And unfortunately they were out of those movies so I ended up going home with "Orgasamatic." Which is a movie about a toy called the Sybian. It’s a toy that you ride; it has a motor like a Volkswagen, with a penis that rotates. That was my first porno. My jaw was to the floor I didn’t know whether I hated it or I loved it. Obviously I ended up loving it because I ended up getting into porn.

What Flower learned in school...

What steps did you take to learn how to squirt?
For me I don’t enjoy fingers so I used vibrators, a pocket rocket. I learned how to squirt from clitoral stimulation not fingers. A lot of people push the fingers, I don’t mind fingers and stuff but really hard penetration, I have a sensitive pussy I was young and it would get bruised and sore. With clitoral stimulation you just play with the clit and with me it is connected to my g spot and everything all that is pretty much connected inside and through there but the g spot is like a sponge but if you have sex and it is like a clitoral orgasm, when you pop that clitoral orgasm that is when you expel the fluid. And that is how I learned how to do it. I had to come first and then ejaculate. .

Anything else we’re missing…
Well, there's the anal sex end of things. Obviously I don’t squirt out of my ass, but when I have anal penetration I do squirt out of my pussy. So it hits that spot.

How far can you squirt on average?
On an average I squirt 15+ feet. If I want to do it and I prepare myself I can make 15+ feet. No problem.

What do you do to prepare for a 15 footer?
Lots of banging on my g spot.

Flower's Movies
As a porn star, Flower Tucci has been known to fuck on film. Here are a few delightful selections handpicked by our editors as prime examples of this blonde bombshell's skills on screen.
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Flower's WantedList
After the interview, and some quick cleanup, we asked Flower what movies are in her WantedList:
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  2. Seymore Butts' Female Ejaculation - A Complete Guide

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  4. Belladonna's Fucking Girls