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Sex Advisor Betty
You Got Questions - We've Got Porn!
Since you've got questions and we've got porn, Betty brings the best of both worlds together for you. Our WantedList Advisor Betty answers your questions with sage-like advice, no-holds-barred honesty, and helpful porn.

These are actual questions sent in by our readers.
Got questions of your own? Ask Betty.
Advisor Column #24: March 2008

   Dear Betty,

I am 29 and like to be fucked in my ass by my wife. It’s cool that my wife loves it too and it makes her wetter than ever when she gives it to me hard. Lately, I find myself watching tranny porn and it makes me very horny. Am I normal? Am I gay? Thanx, Betty!

P.S What would be the best way to tell my wife that I want to suck a cock of a transsexual?

  - TS

Dear TS:

Wow. That’s a lot of information and some very heavy questions. I will give you my opinion on all of this. But, please remember that I’m not a licensed therapist or doctor.

That being said…Many couples enjoy strap-on sex with the woman chasing the man around, catching him and having her way with him. Many men (straight, bisexual and in between) consider this a fetish and a normal part of their sex life. If you and your wife enjoy this together that is great. I can recommend a few amazing strap-ons we carry, including the Heart Strap-On Harness By Sportsheets and the Vibro UR 3 Vac-U-Lock Harness that actually vibrates for a little extra pleasure for you both. A lot of our customers have written us and told us how much they really love both of these strap-ons.

As for the tranny porn…a lot of straight men watch tranny movies. That’s why we carry it on our site. Watching tranny movies doesn’t make you gay or even bisexual. You could be gay or bi, but tranny porn is another fetish (like the strap-on). The fact that you want to act on your fantasies is another issue. Ask yourself if you really want to blow a tranny. Some things are better left as fantasies and not to be acted upon. Betty has had a few fantasies of her own that she wished she hadn’t acted on. Really. If you are even thinking about doing this, you definitely should tell your wife. Really talk to her about it and see how she feels. Maybe you two should watch a tranny movie or two together. If she is very much against it, you’ll have to decide which is more important, having your fantasy fulfilled or your marriage. And if this is something you must do, play it safe. Make sure the tranny is STD free and you use condoms if you can.

If you and your wife would like to check out some tranny flicks together, I would suggest checking out Combat Zone’s Bare Back Mount Him, Meltdown’s My Girlfriend Is My Boyfriend, Platinum X’s Su- She Male and MagnusFemales on Shemales.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck with this venture!

Love, Betty

   Dear Betty,

My wife fantasizes about being with two men and sometimes being dominated by them. Any good movies that feature this that you can recommend?

Thanks, S

Dear S:

Your wife fantasies about being with 2 men and being dominated by them. Nice. Betty has lived out this fantasy. Is this something you guys only want to watch in movies? Or is it a fantasy you are thinking about fulfilling? If it is, there are a few things you will want to consider:

  • Make sure relationship is rock-solid and can handle possible jealousy (on your end) or that this could lead to more (maybe she will want to make the 2nd guy a permanent fixture in the relationship).
  • Set boundaries about what is and isn’t OK for both of you. Maybe you don’t want the other guy fucking her. Or, she might want safe words to use when being dominated. Discuss what is and isn’t going to go down.
  • Decide that it will be a safe sex adventure. Have condoms on hand—don’t expect the other guy to be a Boy Scout (AKA prepared).
  • You might want to take the action elsewhere, like a hotel or the other guy’s house. Sometimes, it’s better to separate these things from your regular daily life. Then, the fantasy and the act of it will be just that.
If it’s just flicks you’re after, there are definitely a few that I can recommend. Check out Digital Sin’s Double Teamed #2. Lauren Phoenix and Missy Monroe take 2 (not 1) for the team. Hustler’s Taboo: Maximum Perversions features bondage and DPs and has Katsuni, Penny Flame and Tory Lane burning up the screen. Voyeur Media’s Fetish Fucks also features some bondage and other fetishes along with 2 and 3-ways—this movie is a personal favorite of Betty’s, BTW. And if you like your bondage/domination a little lighter but heavy on the sex, you’ll enjoy Digital Sin’s Bound to Please—it features Ashlynn Brooke.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck with everything!

Happy viewing!


   Dear Betty,

I want to know what you think sexy attire for a powerful night of sex would be.

Miss Gonzales

Dear Miss Gonzales:

I always say go for what you feel best in. What makes you feel sexy? Do you like to play the naughty girl role and get spanked? Are you dominant and want to sport some latex? Maybe a bra, panties and garters are what makes you sizzle. This is definitely something you need to decide for yourself. I can make a few suggestions—if you are unsure which look suits your style, you might want to try a few or all of these suggestions:

I hope this helps and you always feel sexy, no mater what you wear.

Love, Betty

   Dear Betty,

My wife has told me she wants to see me with another woman, so she can watch me get my cock sucked and fuck another woman. Then, she will join in when she is ready. I'm not sure I'm up to the task, but I'm willing to try. How do we find another woman for this fantasy of hers? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, B.D.

Dear B.D.:

Wow, your wife is quite a woman. Most guys would jump at the chance to have his way with another chick while his wife watches (and potentially joins in). You need to decide if you’re ready to do this. And if you are, of course there are some things you need to figure out:

What type of girl would you both like? How old is she? Is she petite, average or a BBW? What is the color of her hair? What are the rules? What can and cannot take place? Who will make the move to pick the other girl up? It’s usually better if the girl does it—then, the guy looks less like a perv.

As for the actual pick-up spot, I would suggest Adult Friend Finder. You can see what the people look like and get an idea what they are like (personality-wise) along with what turns them on sexually. It’s anonymous, but you know what you’re getting…to a certain extent. Arrange to meet the girl at a public place like a bar and see if the chemistry/vibe is there all around. And, a few drinks will help loosen everybody up a little. If she’s not the one, keep trying. It may take a few times of trying this. But you will know and feel the comfort level is there. If you try going out to clubs and/or bars, you might find a girl that only wants to be with you (or just your girl). You might try to pick up on someone who isn’t into this kind of stuff and that can be embarrassing for everyone involved. That’s why I would say try Adult Friend Finder. Sure there are other sites, but I’ve had the best luck with this one.

Make sure to have plenty of condoms on hand. And go have fun!

Love, Betty

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