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Top WantedList Lists of Lists Page > 10 Best Porn Jobs In the Porn Industry

10 Best Jobs In the Porn Industry

By Brennan Foley

Most of the jobs in the porn industry are less than desirable. There are some that are downright awesome, though. Whether you want to work as little as possible, do something you love and get paid for it or use your brain to help feed your desire for beautiful women, there's something that fits in adult entertainment.

best porn jobs


 10. Publisher

Being a magazine publisher isn't what it once was, considering very few people buy magazines anymore and advertisers are increasingly hard to come by. However, you need look no further than Hustler's Larry Flynt, Playboy's Hugh Hefner or that crazy bastard Bob Guccione, the former publisher of Penthouse, to see what being a magazine publisher can do for you. If you like sleeping with beautiful women, throwing wild parties and making gobs of money, this is one way to go – at least in 1975.


 9. Photographer

The great thing about being a photographer is you get to stare at naked chicks all day AND you get to maintain at least the perception that you're an artist. Now, not everyone who shoots photos of naked women is an artist. In fact, a lot of adult industry photographers couldn't take portraits at Sears, but there is an art to taking beautiful, sensual photographs. Those who do it well get the best of both worlds.


 8. Director

The great thing about being a porn director is you don't really have to know anything about directing. In fact, you don't really need to know anything about cinema, either. All you really need is to know how to turn on a camera, set up some lights and have sexual fantasies that translate to the screen. If you've got that down, the sky is the limit. Hell, if you feel like it, go ahead and put yourself in this next scene. After all, you're the director and some other hack can hold that camera.


 7. Model

The model gets most of the perks of the porn star, but without the full commitment. Yes, your naked pictures will be on the Internet for eternity, but if you can stomach that, you're set. Models are paid well to take their clothes off, but unlike porn stars, they aren't expected to fuck anyone. Trust me when I say this little caveat greatly increases your potential dating pool. Other than getting recognized occasionally, models live a semi-normal life, with the added benefit that they don't have to work very hard or very often. So, if you're lazy and have a great body, you may want to look into this.


 6. Talent

In referring to talent, we're essentially talking about porn stars. Although, let's face it, not many of them are really stars. However, if you want to have a lot of sex and get paid for it, this is a hell of a job. In addition to getting paid for something you love (and would totally do for free), you get the added perks of a three-day work week and being able to sleep until 11 everyday. You might not be so fired up about the herpes, but there's a trade off for everything.

club owner

 5. Strip club owner

So let me make sure I've got this straight. I own a bar where girls are allowed to take their clothes off. I charge an insane amount just for people to enter my establishment and they willingly pay it. I can personally decide who gets to dance in my joint. Those dancers give me a cut of every private dance they give. Yeah, I really have no idea why anyone would want to do this.


 4. Internet entrepreneur

First, we need to dispel some myths. Ron Jeremy used to be cool, but that coolness left with the 1980s. Today, Internet porn isn't as easy to get into as it used to be, but there's still room for good ideas and a little ingenuity. Unlike some of these other jobs, this one actually let's you use your brain... assuming you're into that sort of thing. It also provides a lot of the same perks if you know what you're doing – lots of money and an endless flow of women and parties. The great thing about it is you don't have to get in front of a camera to achieve any of it and your kids won't have to watch videos of you screwing someone that isn't their mother.

talent agent

 3. Talent agent

You're familiar with the casting couch. Well, the talent agent is the guy sitting behind the desk “interviewing” the new girl on the casting couch. The agent gets to see, and do whatever else to, the new talent while they're still fresh. They have the power to make a career and the power to crush dreams like Simon Cowell on American Idol. Agents command a stable full of the one thing the adult industry will always need – talent. That's a nice position to be in.


 2. CEO

This will surely be surprising, but most porn companies don't have a corporate structure. Typically, porn companies are just a couple of yahoos making things up as they go along. So, the CEO of a porn company is a good job if you can get it. Those companies that do have corporate structure – Hustler, Vivid, Playboy, FriendFinder, etc. – are multi-million dollar operations and have products that run the gamut of adult entertainment. If you have the skill set to land one of these gigs, you'll be in control of a multimedia empire and have a damn nice salary to boot. If you're interested in the girls and the parties, you can have that, but a position like this makes you one of the most powerful individuals in porn.


 1. Blowjob

C'mon. You didn't think we could get through this without listing what is hands down the best job in porn, did you? You should never discount the skills of someone who plies a particular trade professionally. That goes double for getting a blowjob from a porn star. Everyone else is just an amateur.