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Top WantedList Lists of Lists Page > 10 Porn Titles Based On TV Shows That Should Be Made

Porn Titles Based On TV Shows That Should Be Made

By MJ McMahon

The porn industry has been basing titles and premises of their movies on mainstream films for some time now, but it wasn't until recently that the industry really started paying attention to television. Unfortunately, when they did, they came up with lame titles like Not The Bradys XXX or This Ain't Good Times. What happened to creativity? I'll tell you what happened to it. It's alive and well right here. Here are the the 10 porn titles based on television shows that should be made.

tv shows


 10. Whoreders

The A&E show Hoarders deals with disgusting people who won't throw anything away, thus turning their homes into living, breathing trash dumps. Whoreders wouldn't really be that much different. Replace the junk with more men scene after scene and you've got a winner, not to mention one big bukkake mess at the end.

big bang theory

 9. The Big Bang

Based on the CBS show The Big Bang Theory, which is about two socially-awkward dopes whose lives are changed when a mildly-attractive woman moves in next door, The Big Bang goes the next step. In the porn version, socially-awkward dopes actually get laid by hot porn stars. It's high on comedic value and pop shots because, well, these dorks really have no idea what they're doing. And, you can be in it! Where else are we going to get a bunch of socially-awkward schmucks, if we don't recruit them off the street?

how i fucked your mother

 8. How I Fucked Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is all mixed up. There's a gay guy and former child doctor playing a womanizer, the guy from Sarah Marshall not being funny and that chick from band camp. In short, it doesn't make any sense. So let's get to the point and make it make sense. Young dudes fucking old broads... well, maybe not too old – MILFs and such. Anyway, everyone loves a MILF, so we think this is a winner.

chatsworth 91311

 7. Chatsworth 91311

Why Chatsworth, you ask? Well, that's where they make the most porn. Other than that, this one is self explanatory – it tells the story of seven rich kids who live in the hills of Chatsworth as they deal with getting older, relationships, really long sideburns, cheating, sex, school, and more sex. Actually, now that I think about it, the premise isn't that much different from the original show set in Beverly Hills.

real housewives

 6. The Real Housewives of...

Hey, pick a place. These bitches are all a bunch of whiny whores anyway. They may as well start doing porn and earning their keep. Bravo has beat the shit out of this concept – a reality show based on rich suburban housewives – doing shows in New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Washington D.C., Orange County, New York City and Miami. If the sluts that were/are on these shows aren't game, then fuck 'em. I know for a fact these locales have plenty of hot, willing sluts who would step in to fill their shoes.

the a-team

 5. The A-Team

Nothing really needs to be changed about the premise of this classic show. Four outlaws for hire dishing out vigilante justice works just fine. The cast needs a major upgrade, though, and well, they'd really have to put the A in A-Team by engaging in copious amounts of anal sex in the back of their black van. Here's our dream cast: Nina Hartley as Hannibal, Penny Flame as Murdock, Jesse Jane as Face and Jada Fire as whatever the hell we'd call Mr. T.

pornstar rehab

 4. Porn Star Rehab

It's probably a misnomer to put rehab in the title, but we're basing it on VH1's Celebrity Rehab, anyway. Porn stars like two things: fucking and partying... actually, they like four if you throw in attention and money. Anyway, we're going to send them to a rehab facility to break them of their sex and drug addictions, only, surprise! In addition to counsellors, the rehab facility is actually filled with other porn stars, and endless supply of drugs and booze. Watch as the two sides are pitted against each other in a battle of wills and see who endures for the ultimate prize*. (*Ultimate prize may or may not be an actual prize.)

america got no talent

 3. America's Got No Talent

On NBC's America's Got Talent regular people perform for a chance to win a $1 million prize. Presumably, some of them actually have talent. In porn, you could employ the exact opposite premise, since people who get into porn don't really need any legitimate talent at all. In America's Got No Talent, people with actual talent would be kicked off the show, while people with no talent would have to have sex in front of a national audience.

extreme makeover

 2. Extreme Makeover: Porn Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a feel-good show where a bunch of happy-go-lucky contractors remake a downtrodden family's home. Well, we've got a feel-good show for you, too, but it's going to make you feel good in a whole different way – the way where you feel really dirty right before you feel really good. In Extreme Makeover: Porn Edition, we're going to work in reverse. First, we'll take an average-looking girl and make her up to look like a porn star. Then, we'll cast her as the only woman in a gangbang and tear her right back down.

inspector gadget

 1. Inspector Gadget: XXX

If you remember the 80s cartoon, then I think all we need to say is Go-Go Gadget Dick!